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  1. altitude DOES make a diff. b/c air density its denser at lower alt so you can get more o2 in the engine and make more power. takes less than 1/4 mile to get to speed. here is a vid when i only had a slip-on exhaust, fuel controller, 2" oversize tiers and stock gears. http://i34.tinypic.com/315ej42.jpg
  2. im in memphis just got heer after 21 years in michigan. what altitude was that dyno at? that makes a ton of diff. stock hp for the 700 raptor at sea level is 45 hp. a dynatek programmable ignition is a major part of getting big numbers because the stock ecu cuts back the engine in 5th gear. good fuel controller, full exhaust, bigger tiers, higher gears, massive intake. and a light rider. this isnt my dyno sheet this rapy is less moded than mine
  3. no bs lots of mods and a radar gun did 86 from the factory and there so held back stock its easy to get alot more speed
  4. i for 1 would never buy an IRS quad dont like the way they handle much prefer solid rear axle for alot of reasons not to mention i can smoke it on my 700 raptor that ways alot less
  5. i built the wheelie bar in 2 hours just playin around one day cuz you cant ride my raptor with the front wheels on the ground,...but i like it it, only does about 120 mph right now but its in 100 pieces on my bench right now and when i get it back together.....

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