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  2. Thanks Moderator (nice hair - haha). Appreciate the video, but it was missing the info I need. He didn't show how he identified the wire he tapped into on the quad and how to match up the polarity on the new socket wires. Any insight on how to, as you said, "identify the power source" and which ones "go off the key"? Sorry, I'm new at this. Appreciate the help.
  3. New to the forum and this is m first post. Picked up a ‘05 Magnum 330 4x4. Sweet deal 989 miles and babied. I’m not a mechanic by any stretch and have never done any wiring. But I am high n tinkering skills and know very basic hot/ground. I want to install a 12v socket with 5v usb accessory in a way it is not on all the time. My question: Is there a vacant plug under a fender or cab somewhere on my quad to just plug into or do I need to create my on connectors. Not much out there in the way of videos specific to my quad. I eventually will want to install a winch as well. Any budget minded help (videos, pictures, links, simple how to) would be appreciated. I’m low on technical jargon, so dumb it down if you could. ;) Thanks y’all.

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