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  2. Hey Guys, I think I've got a bad ECU, but wanted to know if anyone has had similar problem before forking over the $200 for a new one. Bought this rig from a buddy last winter. Buddy let me know on issue before purchasing. Occasionally the overhead light would comes on...even in winter rides. I have followed fan trouble shooting, it powers up when direct connected to 12 V power supply and draws correct amps per manual. Just recently, the light has come on when unit is cold and first started up. Or sometimes if not on right away, overheat light will come on right after starting within a minute or two into ride. When fan comes on seems like it cycles on and off more than it should... Oil level is good and hoses seems fine....one hose will be hotter than the other when checking, so that tells me the oil is flowing through the cooler. Any ideas what temps should be from oil out and return? I could check with infared heat gun... And most recently, now I just had an issue where the light for the AWD does not come on right away now after switching on. Comes on and off intermittent when switch engaged. What do you guys think...is my ECU on the fritz? Thanks ahead guys...any other ideas to trouble shoot would be appreciated. Toneloc.

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