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  1. Starter fixed it. I guess I'll go ahead and buy another starter in a couple of months and put it on standby.
  2. I was thinking the starter would at least make noise when you hit the button. On 2nd thought...it did. There was a fair t click at the starter...then nothing when I touched the start button. Anyway...we'll see......new starter will be here Friday. Maybe they should get a better epoxy. #gorillaglue
  3. And that would prevent the starter from turning? Also, I failed to mention, when I took the starter back off from seeing if the atv would start, the starter was hot to the touch. That the reason?
  4. 2013 honda Rancher 4X4 420ES. I've replaced the solenoid, put on a brand new battery. Checked battery with tester and hit the starter button.....12+v. Took the starter off to check the brushes, took armature out to see if it damaged, the magnets came out of the case attached to the armature. Is that normal? I thought the magnets were glued to the casing. I'm hoping that I don't have to buy ANOTHER starter. Help, guys...... I need it. I didn't go to UTI.
  5. @colin james It looks like the right one, but I can't download it yet. Not enough activity on the site as a newbie. I'll keep an eye on it, though. Thank you very much.
  6. @KJINTF If the starter was getting power, wouldn't it make some kind of noise down there?
  7. Replaced the starter about a year ago......took it apart and the armature was toast and in a million pieces. replaced the solenoid as well.4 wheeler was running fine....then 10 minutes after last ride, won't start. Solenoid just clicks and a little whine. Battery is giving me 12+ volts, key on and key off. My thought is solenoid. I tapped the starter in case the brushes were dusty....no dice. I noticed on both my old solenoid and the one I replaced it with.......both of the posts move, I can pull them up and push them down. I know that can't be good. Give me some ideas, guys.....I need the thing running. Thanks.

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