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  2. Alright gang here is an update! Finally pulled the case off. Magneto looks great. 4 of the magnets in the rotor are loose and sliding.( Any home grown epoxy fixes?) Other wise new rotor. The outer magnet has no magnetism at all. How can the trigger work if this is my finding? Thanks
  3. Yes, did all the tests everything was where it should be.
  4. Thanks for the info and reply. I've done all these, but may go back to them. The boys are sending another CDI in the meantime. I'll keep ya posted. Again thanks.
  5. Okay, update time. Installed new CDI. NOTHING! Same problem exists! I'm perplexed...What are the odds of receiving a bad CDI? Bad Wiring Harness(s)? I could really use some feed back here. Thanks in advance.
  6. THANKS. We have and ran all troubleshooting procedures. Comes back to the CDI. Waiting for one now. Will update later. Again Thanks
  7. Machine ran fine one day, next day nothing. Replaced the coil still no fire. Battery is fine, have lights, dash indicators, etc with key on. Cranks over, just no fire. How do I check the CDI? Also what is the probability of the stator being bad? Thoughts?

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