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  2. Thanks for your friendly welcome. I have read more in Quad Crazy & it does seem a friendly, laid back, great site with a humorous side to it. NZ is a very beautiful place with some great riding areas, but from what I've seen on the net your not missing out on anything. The only advantage I can see between our two countries is over here, you can live in a major city & still only be 1/2 hour from a trail but in saying that, I would drive all day and all night to get to some of your riding areas I've seen & heard about. Cheers Mike.
  3. CraziMagZ put me onto your Forum from another one & like her I'm into Joyners. I've had a good look around your site and like what I read, so hope to become part of your community. I'm pretty thick skinned & don't get upset to easy but I will bite back in the spirit of debating a point. Look forward to knowing you all. Cheers Mike.

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