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  2. Recently have had a hard right pull develop on the above vehicle. The problem started and then the unit was buried in a muddy field edge. After extracting the unit from the mud the problem was worse and Have done the following; - Completely washed the unit of all mud and sand. - Brakes were muddy and filled with sand so I cleaned and sanded rotors and replaced pads on left/right front and right rear and checked auxillary brake. - Left axle had a torn outer boot and showed signs of wear so I took the left side apart and replaced the axle and reassembled. - Topped off both front and rear differentials and added grease to the left upper ball joint. - Burnished new brakes and unit would still pull hard to left especially when slowing down. - Jacked front end up and put unit in 2 wheel drive and turned front wheels and they both seemed to be free and turned similarly and free wheeled without any noticeable problem. - Brakes appear to be working properly and release when released. Unit still pulls hard right and the tendency get worse as the vehicle is driven. Right CV axle boots are intact and not torn. I have not been able to break loose the axle nut on right side to check the outer bearing as of this time. If you slow down the unit will turn hard to the right unless you firmly prevent the handle bars from turning. No apparent noises from from end except slight scuffing of brake pads on rotors when you spin the tires in 2WD drive and elevated off the ground. Any suggestions on what to check next would be appreciated. Jerry Redhage

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