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  1. Getting some grinding noises and the rear end seems to be binding when making low speed sharp turns. I'd like to go ahead and just rebuild the rear end. Any advice on what I should replace? I'd like to keep it low budget, but i also wouldn't mind spending some money to get an entire assembly that I can just swap in and out.
  2. Good call, there's always a chance Stuart Little got in there for a midnight snack...I'm hoping a new coil works for me, if not i'll download the service manual and move upstream to the computers and control modules.
  3. Sweet, appreciate the insight. I have a coil i'm going to try today, if that doesn't work i'll move to the ECM.
  4. I haven't checked anything upstream of the coil because i'm getting voltage to the coil. I just don't have a repair manual so I don't know what voltage i should expect. I ordered a coil from amazon so if that doesn't work i'll start more diagnosis.
  5. Yup, should work exactly the same. As soon as you pull you should see the spark arcing.
  6. Anytime you have starting issues, start by diagnosing the basics. Fuel and Spark. Remove the spark plug and give the hole a good wiff. Does it smell like gas? You should be getting fuel. Confirm this by disconnecting fuel lines to make sure the fuel is getting to the cylinder. Spark: You can remove the spark plug, put it back in the wire, and then hold the tip of the spark plug against the engine block. Make sure to scrap away any dirt on the area you touch the spark plug to so you have good metal to metal contact. Now hit the start button. You should be able to see the spark arcing on the plug.
  7. Hey all, First time poster here. I have a '93 TRX300 with no spark. Measuring 100 volts pulsing at the coil then declining down to 90, 80, 70, 60 and so on. I assume it's the coil. If there's voltage to the coil then everything else should be in working order, right? Thanks for your help, Deer Getter

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