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  2. I did all the above except greasing, there are no fittings on these older Hondas. I was told to get a needle to put on my grease gun so I can inject grease into the ball joints, tie rods, and CV joints.
  3. Wow thats pretty amazing, do you use chains?
  4. So need some recommended maintenance I should do with my 1998 Foreman 450ES. I didn't get much info as to what had been done so what's the things I should perform to start me from square one? I'm not a mechanical genius but can do the basics. I did adjust the toe today so I'm not a nooby.
  5. Just bought this Honda quad and when I first drove it the steering seemed very hard. Those that I talked to said that's normal as it's full time 4 wheel drive. Well yesterday while looking from the front is looked like the front tires were pointing out quite abit. I measured the toe and was toe-out by a little over an inch. Yikes so this morning decided to try an adjustment and after an hour or so had the toe-out to 1/4". Took for a test drive and the steering was alot easier, still not like driving a 2 wheel drive but made a huge difference. There are differences as to what the toe should be set to but so far this seems to do the trick.
  6. I took my rig down to a neighbors today to show him and we were talking about winches. He said the problem he has run into with plowing is your plow will float sometimes depending what you run over. Then it puts slack in the winch cable and can bunch and pinch. Everything has good and bad points so have to pick your poison.
  7. Yes thanks, I did check and found like items that you posted. Doesn't look like much to change, think I can even do it..lol
  8. Thanks for the info, if the draw is that small I probably won't fiddle with it. I should be running this at least a couple times a week if not more. I don't anticipate it sitting for any length of time .
  9. Noticed fuel is dripping from the primer button on the carb. It seems to work as is spring loaded and pushes in and releases. Is there a gasket or something I can replace? It should quit if I shut the fuel off with the switch...looks like it did.
  10. One thing I discovered about this model there is a clock displayed in the dash that runs all the time and may help drain the battery if not run in awhile. Wonder if there is any way to shut it off??
  11. I wouldn't be pulling anything huge, I understand this is not a 4 wheel drive truck. I mostly cut the wood to length back in the woods and wagon or trailer it up to my pile. Sometimes there is wood not next to my trails that I can maybe pull to get closer. As far as a winch unless I am using it it shouldn't drain the battery I would think. If I'm using it to raise and lower the plow the ATV will be running so should be ok?? Maybe I'm wrong, not very versed in these vehicles...
  12. I forgot to mention in my first post but it also came with a mid mount snow plow which I have removed for the time being. I mainly bought to use as a work machine, plowing snow and hauling wood that I have cut from back in my 10 acre woods. Maybe haul a mid range log or two also so this won't be for show or trail riding. I might add a winch also for snow and wood hauling.

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