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  1. Thank u frank. I did notice the fuel appeared 2 b compromised. I am aware of the main jet and the issues involved however I will appreciatively take ur suggestion and make certian it is free of all debri. I think my big hesitation and uncertainty with this particular machine is it is a water cooled engine for 1, which I have never had this displeasure of working on. And 2, the timing adjusters r on the outside of this engine which not only strikes me as odd but also I can't see how this is a good idea as it seems easily comprimisable.... If that's even a word, lol. I haven't touched the machine in a few weeks altho I need 2 get on the ball with it.
  2. Hi and thank u every1... I've done everything mentioned except whatever ur saying about the starter relay. I checked the starter relay and it's working as it should. The spark is strong and when I open the screw in the bottom of the carb I've got fuel flowing. This thing makes no sense @ all. It has sat here and there but for no long amount of time... Maybe like a week or 2 here and there but not for any significant amount of time. But I am gonna clean the carb again just 2 rule that out 4 sure
  3. I have a kazuma 250 utility atv, I believe it's a gator and this thing will not start for anything. I've got good spark and it will turn over but will not fire up. I can't find any kind of manual with useful info on this thing. Can any1 tell me what the stock car. Settings r on it so I can make sure they r rite.... I don't think tat s my problem but the more I can rule out the closer I can get 2 a solution. Thanks!

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