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  2. Four stroke. Can’t find any guidance on fuel mixture adjustment. It’s the screw to the left of idle speed, correct? Number of turns out to start with?
  3. How do you adjust fuel mixture on the carb?
  4. Trying to resurrect a 88 quadrunner. Can get it to start but won’t idle. Smoking pretty bad. Pulled th jug off thinking rings and they look pretty descent (within specs). Compression is only 110. Valves??
  5. My buddy did the same thing. Got two, got another one for parts, needed up getting another one and now we’re trying to get three running. One for his wife, one for him, and one for me. If we can figure out the whole not wanting to idle and smoking real bad things. 😜
  6. Good looking bike! Good luck. Did you get it running?

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