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  1. UPDATE: I'm going to try something. Since the parts quad was sitting for a while, I think that maybe the retaining pins on the centrifugal clutch shoes may be a little stuck. So...in the process of disassembly and inspection. I'm going to polish and oil the pins so the shoes may move a little easier. Thoughts???
  2. Hi folks! I have 2 of these bikes and I'm trying to set both up for reliability. While riding one quad, I noticed that the bike slips a little in 1st before it takes off. The other has an instant response with no slip. So I suspected the centrifugal clutch lining was worn. Since I have a donor bike, I pulled the centrifugal clutch and swapped in the spare, which has an overall diameter 1 mm bigger ( a little less worn. ) I put everything back together and have almost no drive. So....the question is, is there something I'm missing when installing the centrifugal clutch or is a new one required? If a new one is required, has anyone tried a Caltric brand?...they are $100 less than a Suzuki factory clutch. Thanks all!
  3. mark7170

    1988 Suzuki LT 250 S quadrunner wont start.

    Not sure, but I think the switch and the pull are independant systems.
  4. mark7170

    1988 Suzuki LT 250 S quadrunner wont start.

    Hey Ajmboy, thanks for the suggestion. Here is how I got this one started. Going through the factory Suzuki manual (which I downloaded from Quadcrazy...THANK YOU GUYS!!!) I ran a diagnostic and found out the reverse switch was bad. I swapped In a reverse switch and got back my neutral and reverse lights. Plus, I now have ignition. The neutral and reverse switches are tied in to each other on this bike so if 1 is bad, neither light works. Both switches need to work to get push button ignition.
  5. mark7170

    Suzuki Eiger ATV smoking after new rings

    Thanks for the update!
  6. Hey folks, brand newbie here. I just bought a pair of near identical quads, the difference is that 1 is a 1988 and 1 is a 1989. The 89 runs and the 88 does not. Turn the key up 1 click, no neutral or reverse lights. 2 clicks, still no neutral or reverse lights but the speedometer lights come on. Switch to run and hit the start button and nothing. Since I have 2 of the same and 1 runs I'm ok switching out parts.....but where do I start? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. mark7170

    Suzuki Eiger ATV smoking after new rings

    Any updates on the smoke issue? I'm about ready to go after a similar problem.
  8. I googled vin look up, and pulled it up on a couple of sites. The look up will give you the year and model that matches the vin.
  9. I just bought a pair of lt250s quads. On the rear of the frame, left side, is the vin.
  10. mark7170


    My wife had a Honda 3 wheeler when she was a kid. She has been wanting a quad for a few years. Just picked up a pair last week. Good wife!
  11. mark7170

    Suzuki Quadmaster LT-500f Fouling plugs

    What color are the plugs?
  12. mark7170

    Suzuki 250 Ozark Manual

    For future reference, I have the same issue. There was a message when I signed up that said new users are required to make 10 posts, 10 replies etc prior to having access to download materials.
  13. mark7170

    Tips on painting atv plastics

    Like redmastercraft said, with the addition of a flex additive in the primer for a little extra insurance. I had good luck painting plastic auto bumpers with no cracked or peeling paint after about 5 years.
  14. mark7170

    1988 suzuki Quadrunner 250cc parts?

    Sorry, I ment ATV salvage yards.
  15. mark7170

    1988 suzuki Quadrunner 250cc parts?

    I live in PA, and just got a pair of fixer upper suzuki quads this week. So, I did a Google search for ATV salvage tars near me and found several. Try that to save on shipping!