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  2. UPDATE: I'm going to try something. Since the parts quad was sitting for a while, I think that maybe the retaining pins on the centrifugal clutch shoes may be a little stuck. So...in the process of disassembly and inspection. I'm going to polish and oil the pins so the shoes may move a little easier. Thoughts???
  3. Hi folks! I have 2 of these bikes and I'm trying to set both up for reliability. While riding one quad, I noticed that the bike slips a little in 1st before it takes off. The other has an instant response with no slip. So I suspected the centrifugal clutch lining was worn. Since I have a donor bike, I pulled the centrifugal clutch and swapped in the spare, which has an overall diameter 1 mm bigger ( a little less worn. ) I put everything back together and have almost no drive. So....the question is, is there something I'm missing when installing the centrifugal clutch or is a new one required? If a new one is required, has anyone tried a Caltric brand?...they are $100 less than a Suzuki factory clutch. Thanks all!
  4. Not sure, but I think the switch and the pull are independant systems.
  5. Hey Ajmboy, thanks for the suggestion. Here is how I got this one started. Going through the factory Suzuki manual (which I downloaded from Quadcrazy...THANK YOU GUYS!!!) I ran a diagnostic and found out the reverse switch was bad. I swapped In a reverse switch and got back my neutral and reverse lights. Plus, I now have ignition. The neutral and reverse switches are tied in to each other on this bike so if 1 is bad, neither light works. Both switches need to work to get push button ignition.
  6. Hey folks, brand newbie here. I just bought a pair of near identical quads, the difference is that 1 is a 1988 and 1 is a 1989. The 89 runs and the 88 does not. Turn the key up 1 click, no neutral or reverse lights. 2 clicks, still no neutral or reverse lights but the speedometer lights come on. Switch to run and hit the start button and nothing. Since I have 2 of the same and 1 runs I'm ok switching out parts.....but where do I start? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Any updates on the smoke issue? I'm about ready to go after a similar problem.
  8. I googled vin look up, and pulled it up on a couple of sites. The look up will give you the year and model that matches the vin.
  9. I just bought a pair of lt250s quads. On the rear of the frame, left side, is the vin.
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    My wife had a Honda 3 wheeler when she was a kid. She has been wanting a quad for a few years. Just picked up a pair last week. Good wife!
  11. For future reference, I have the same issue. There was a message when I signed up that said new users are required to make 10 posts, 10 replies etc prior to having access to download materials.
  12. Like redmastercraft said, with the addition of a flex additive in the primer for a little extra insurance. I had good luck painting plastic auto bumpers with no cracked or peeling paint after about 5 years.

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