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  1. Hi all, I was trying to download the file for Quad runner 250 King Quad but it says I cannot download. Can you assist with this please. Regards Graeme, Weestrom ) from New Zealand.
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  3. Hullo Stitch, I have now been able to get the information about this model and have got it up and running a real treat. The person that gave it to me was quite surprised that ther was just a little problem with it that I have been able to fix at no cost except a new spark plug and some time and effort. Its all set for the fishing season which is a few months away yet. Just so you know, I am in New Zealand and have enjoyed all the support I have had from the people on this site. Bit to far away to catch up in person. Thanks again. Regards Graeme.
  4. Hi guys, I now have fuel pumping but still no go so will need to remove carby as sugested. Does not look like an easy thing to get out so will look very carefully first. Have had it running but stops after using the bowl of petrol. Will let you know how this next step goes. Thanks for the support.
  5. Thanks for all your knowledge and support, its dark now so tomorrow will be going to get a new plug and drain the petrol. I just noticed earlier that it has an unusual smell so am wondering if something else has been put in the tank? Smells a bit like turps or my nostrils need re tuning. Again thanks for the help, will let you know how the day goes.
  6. I thought it might be a 300 as there is a faded area on the front mudguard that looks like a 3 and two 00. I have taken the knobs off to try and see where the fuel line goes. I have fuel pulsing along the fuel line now but still will not fire. The spark looks prety light so next I think I will get a new plug. I am wondering if I should drain all the fuel out and replace with new as the stuff in it is over 18months old. I am trying to get a book for servicing so that may also help.
  7. I have taken a couple of pics and the one with the faded number looks like 300? but still can't find and other tags in easy to reach places. I got the bike to run but only idle and as soon as I touched the throttle it stopped. I can't get it to fire up now. Have tried blowing through the fuel cap vent pipe until got dizzy and yes it was blowing not sucking. No fuel at the filter under the seat, tank is half full so should get something through.
  8. Hi all, I have just joined as was trying to identify what the machine is that I am trying to fix up. There is no stickers or books with this machine . I was lucky to be given it as it was not going and had been parked up for the last 18 months or so. I had got it to start but cannot get it to run any longer that a few minutes and now not at all. So want to identify this bike so I can get more information and hopefully support to get it going properly and then I will be away fishing. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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