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1988 Suzuki LT 250 quadrunner centrifugal clutch

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Hi folks!  I have 2 of these bikes and I'm trying to set both up for reliability.  While riding one quad, I noticed that the bike slips a little in 1st before it takes off.  The other has an instant response with no slip.  So I suspected the centrifugal clutch lining was worn.  Since I have a donor bike, I pulled the centrifugal clutch and swapped in the spare, which has an overall diameter 1 mm bigger ( a little less worn. ) I put everything back together and have almost no drive.  So....the question is, is there something I'm missing when installing the centrifugal clutch or is a new one required?  If a new one is required, has anyone tried a Caltric brand?...they are $100 less than a Suzuki factory clutch.  Thanks all!

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UPDATE:  I'm going to try something.  Since the parts quad was sitting for a while, I think that maybe the retaining pins on the centrifugal clutch shoes may be a little stuck.  So...in the process of disassembly and inspection.  I'm going to polish and oil the pins so the shoes may move a little easier.  Thoughts???

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