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  2. Also, I want to give-off about how bad Yamaha support is. I remember a time when you always received a wiring diagram with your owners manual; no more, I guess 1 more piece of paper is to much for Yamaha. I have been all over Yamaha's support website looking for a service manual or at least just a electrical diagram for my 2006 Bruin, nothing. I have looked off & on for 2 days on the internet and have been unable to find anything. If it wasn't for dedicated and selfless people like oxidized_black a lot of Yamaha customers would really be SOL. How hard can it be to support owners who previously purchased a $7,500 machine from you; an electrical diagram would be less than a kilobyte of data space on one of your servers. And why are you (Yamaha) unable to sell a digital copies of the service manuals for older manuals, how hard could it be, with just half a thought for your past customers, how hard can it be. Terrible support. I am in the market for a new ATV, my existing ATV will be passed down. With this piss poor Yamaha support and customer loyalty I will be purchasing my new ATV elsewhere.
  3. The manual that oxidized_black posted "2003 Yamaha YFM 350 FWAN Service Manual" has the correct wiring diagram for my 2006 Bruin 350 Auto 4X4. Took me a little while to figure it out. The electrical diagram is on the very last page of this manual page 119.
  4. Has anyone used repairloader.com for the purchase/download of manuals. I have this link http://www.repairloader.com/manual.php/61fb36 to this site, they say they have the manual for "Yamaha 04-07 BRUIN 350 4X4 Service Manual PDF Download And Owners Manual ATV Workshop Shop Repair Manual" but there are no pictures of what is being purchased, looks like i'd be purchasing the manual on a hope & a prayer, not sure I have that much faith. Thanks Tim N
  5. I am also looking for the YFM35FAVH, 2006 Bruin 350 Auto 4X4 Service Manual. Looked just about everywhere. I've downloaded the 2005 Yamaha Service Line Manual and the 2003 Yamaha YFM 350 FWAN Service Manual, close on some things but not quite there. Also, Thanks oxidized_black for all the work you are doing here, looks like it must keep you pretty busy. I really like the way you have it setup with selecting the Yamaha model for the manual you need, very slick. Thanks again for all the work Tim N

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