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  1. Thanks alot, Yes the front comes with a simple logo of our name and 2 sats under it. Very Clean and Simple... Or you can add the rear to the front just smaller in center or pocket area wouldbe no additional charge... Sorry Site isnt fully complete yet Thanks No, This is a Different Cody Miller hehhee
  2. Awesome Thank you! Just let me know when and what color youd like white or black. Ill send it 2-3 Priority for ya. Thanks Cody
  3. Thats awesome. We would love to do that! Just tell us when and where we need to send some of our product. Thanks alot!
  4. Thank you. Most of our Business is online. Website is currently underconstruction but we do have a few of our products up. FourTech Industries Thanks Cody We are having a huge huge sale on our can can shirts right now. 12.00 Each! Thats 36.6 percent from Original Price. Shipping is only 3.95 Through our Website...
  5. Hey guys, Just thought i would intorduce myself really fast. My Name is Cody Miller and I am the owner of FourTech Industries. FourTech INdustries is a ATV Based clothing company. We sell Shirts, Stickers, and more. Most our products are Personalized to your liking. We also do other services for others as in Custom made t-shirts, die cut decals, banners, signs, and more! Thanks guys! Cody

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