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  2. i've had that one downloaded for a couple years already way before i got the machine, i was hoping to buy a 98 or older for that very reason, but a 2000 popped up for a decent enough price so i jumped on it. i'm gonna just have to bite the bullet and buy the user and service books on fleaBay
  3. i have manuals for most of my past and present atvs snowmobiles atcs motorcycles, but i can't find the 99 to 02 manual anywhere
  4. i need the 1999 to 2002 suzuki quadrunner 250 4x4 service manual and hopefully owners manual for the 2000 model or i guess any year 1999 2001 2002 owners maual would work too. i'd like to have the owners and the service manuals. google isn't what it used to be, in the old days i could find manuals no problem

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