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  2. Enduro del Verano, the famous race that takes place every year in Villa Gesell. More than 1200 national and international riders participate in the Enduro del Verano event every year. The classic Enduro del Verano, unique sporting event has the Guinness record for being the largest quads race in the world. The race which is considered as the most important fast enduro of open dune races, is a world-class event that brings together racers from all over the world, from France, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay, who are pitted against the best exponents of the country. I usually go every year with my Quad or motorcycle is amazing! Gabriel
  3. My name is Gabriel. I am from Argentina. I have some bikes 1979 DT 100, 1974 CZ 250 Enduro & 1990 Bayou 220. I am sorry my english is not good. Thanks.

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