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  2. Hey guys just getting to ride this thing, looked all over including the online manua and don’t know what gas to put into it, ethanol free, 87, 89, 93?
  3. Thanks Frank, the previous owner did a bunch of performance modifications to it, an aftermarket reed, and carb, bigger rear sprocket, aftermarket exhaust, and shocks. Also included all of the original parts, I did also replace the belt and chain as well as put a stock size sprocket back on
  4. Hey folks, just was given a 95 400l 2x4. After spending about 400$ to get it running and riding I’m just wondering if there’s anything I need to know about this thing. The oil injection appears to be working, it starts up first crank but needs a little help to stay running the first couple minutes. It runs well and doesn’t appear to have any leaks anywhere, the oil injection appears to be working as well. Never owned a Polaris or a 2stroke bike before!

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