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  1. i found this information froma forum on 3 wheeler world. he said that most of the parts will interchange but the pull start is larger on the atc90/110 than on the trx70
  2. i just read online and the pull start is not interchangable between the trx70 and the atc model. thanks for the help on that end though.
  3. i'll take pictures and measurements tonight and then see if I can get them posted
  4. i just looked on their and I can purchase a new one for $150.00 but what I'm hoping to find is a used one or one froma salvage yard that would be a bit cheaper. Thanks for all your help so far.
  5. I just looked on honda's service website and the recoil starters aren't the same for the different bikes. it seems as if the 86-87 trx 70 was the only one that I can tell with that setup.
  6. does that website to 4 wheelers also cuz that's what i'm looking for
  7. Does anybody know where I can purchase a recoil starter for a 1986 honda trx70. I am looking to buy a used one as new they cost about 130.00. Thanks for any info. The problem is the return spring inside of it broke and Honda has discontinued that part.

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