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  1. from block up, found it in a field when i was clearing the trees off this old mans land. i asked him if he would sell it he said you can have it its been there for 15 years, i had the camaro body and thats when it all started.i've worked real hard on it with all the extra money i had, and alot i mean alot of time on it. then had my son Wyatt which is now 4. i had been working on it 2 years before he was born, bought new house and 5ac. of land so money has been a little tight. so i've been saving money here and there to try to finish, spending a little bit on that 4wheeler.
  2. 60 over, new cams,pistons,valves. you name it its been done to it.
  3. bored,bigger cam, a lttle bit of this and a little of that and the famous laughing gas. i might keep it street and drag not sure yet.
  4. outlander560 the reason i ran 2 is i ran 1 did not run good so i said i'm scared(ha ha) to cut a hole in the airbox but you have to so i did it. It runs real good no sputtering are nothing good on take off,runs smooth.Have not had a problem with my axles at all with the lift until i had to pull a polaris about a mile to camp. the pull rope caught a tree in one of the turns and jerked me back into a wheelie and when it came down snap front right tire caught a root cv joint broke, other than that good. And yes it is a 68 Camaro, a little toy i've been working on. it has a little 327 in it right now(750HP right now)150 shot of laughing gas, got my eye on a 572 though. thank you Stoopidbot1
  5. Ajmboy its a04 Suzuki TwinPeaks 700V-Twin thanks outlander560 there 1.5 (1-forbelt exhaust 1-forbelt inlet 2-for airbox)=4 pipes all together, i did not have to rejet either. it also has a 2"HL lift&HL springs, Rad. Relocated, And strobe lights
  6. Hey i'm from Reidsville N.C.. Just stoping in to say hey and if theres anybody from this area or coming this way and wants to ride just write me and we will tear it up.

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