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  1. I don't believe they made the bear tracker in 4x4.. but the bear tracker, timberwolf and wolverine of these models were identical.. and it was several years they all looked identical.. that's why it's so hard to tell what it is or the year model.. and yes, both bikes are complete except the mystery bike is missing the pull cord assembly and if the big bear had a factory winch, it's missing but if it didn't come with a winch then it's 100% complete.. no manuals for the big bear, but haven't checked the mystery bike yet.. I'm gonna go out on a limb tho and say it's gone.. lol.. but I'm gonna get new ones for both.. and it's gonna be very awesome seeing them revived considering they haven't been ran in close to 9 years.. they've just been sitting up in a grassy tomb.. as far as a budget, I didn't really wanna be over 1500 to 2000 because if I ever decided to sell them, that's about all I would get out of them.. but considering I got both together for 200 bucks, I should be well under that mark.. and I always use eBay for just about everything.. that's where I've gotten all the parts for the bear so far and found the hotshot performance cdi for it.. thanks, and hopefully I can be of help to yall one day and return the favor..
  2. now, let's play "name that ATV" .. lol.. it was spray painted blue, that is not the original color, I believe it was red.
  3. aight.. it'll be a bit, I'm at work till 7 so it'll be dark but I should be able to get enough light on it.. this specific model the bodies were the same on the Timberwolves, bear trackers and wolverines.. but if I'm not mistaken, bear trackers only came in 2wd, this bike is 4wd so that should rule out bear trackers.. I hope.. lol.. and yes, waiting on parts sucks but well worth it.. if I'm off and I know the parts will be in, I sit outside and wait on the mail lady antsy as hell.. lol
  4. the bike should be somewhere in the middle to late 90's.. a youtube video I watched is what told me about the ink stamp on the frame.. but maybe I'll get lucky..
  5. I looked in the same spot as the big bear.. on the left side of the frame right around the back of the front tire.. that's where I was told they all were..
  6. ahh.. gotcha.. lol.. and yeah, I know where it was suppose to be and cleaned it up but those models weren't stamped in to the frame.. it was just some type of ink and it's gone.. done been rubbed off from sticks and grass or whatever..
  7. wsu's? and will do.. after this one, I have another bike I bought that's supposedly out of time.. but the big question is why.. also, with the other bike, I don't know what it is or the year model.. that's another problem.. no stickers and it had a like a paint stamp serial number and that thing is long gone.. I do know it's either a Timberwolve or a wolverine 250 4x4.. I'll post pics of it too and see if anyone can guess what it is.. lol.. I got it and the big bear together for 200 bucks.. so even if they needed new engines they were worth it.. but both are complete bikes and all plastic is in good shape so I couldn't pass em up..
  8. will do.. I sure appreciate all the help bud.. gonna order a cdi and a key switch within the next day or so and once they get here and I get them on, I'll let you know of any changes..
  9. it looks to be the factory cdi.. and yes, I have all plastics off it for that exact reason and it looks pretty good except a few broken coatings I fixed already.. just haven't fixed that burnt wire to the headlights..
  10. I jumped it at the end of the wire where it plugs into the switch, so it's definitely the switch.. well there are 2, one on top of the motor and one on the bottom by the shifter.. the top one triggers the relay so I believe it's good, but the bottom one does not trigger the relay and I didn't test it, but I'm pretty positive it's the neutral light culprit.. and I recon I'm gonna spring for the cdi and key switch and see where that puts me.. plus at least at that point I'll know they are new..
  11. yeah, they on up there.. I have 200 in the bike and a hot shot cdi is 195.. lol.. key switch is only 9 bucks tho and a full harness is 100.. so even if I replaced it all 500 bucks ain't bad at all.. but yeah, so far I replaced stator, ignition coil, carb and intake.. yeah, the neutral bulb was bad so I swapped it with the reverse bulb temporarily because it was working and it still never came on until I bypassed the neutral switches.. so I'm assuming one of them is bad also.. but jumped, the light does come on now..
  12. I have not ohm tested it because I just replaced it yesterday.. do you think I should with it being new? also, how could I test if it's sending signal to the cdi? the cdi is getting a good ground to it but nothing is coming out so I figured if I could test to see if something was goin in the cdi then I figured that would narrow it down to the cdi.. my key switch is acting funny too, if I barely turn it towards off, it kicks out the relays before it's even off, and sometimes I have to play with it to get it to kick them on.. seems like the whole electrical has taken a hit from something.. might as well replace the key switch, cdi and whole harness, by then it should work.. lol

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