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  1. It never hurts to double check one more time these after market breathers will do as good I'll git one I've got a few different " projects " I snapped an axle in my 98 Honda forman 4×4 and when I took out the axle someone welded the gear to it solid I've got 6 motor 4 all different year models could the gear from one of them interchange I also have a kawasaki and a Polaris I pick them up at the local scrap yard when that git em piled up to the side
  2. My Honda foreman4×4 is either 1997 or 98 it seems that someone had welded on both sides of the gear so I cut it on the side of weld gear is on and I can't git it to budge I've tried a press I've pot it in a vice and tapped it till it hurt I'm lost its a good gear and I hate to waste money
  3. I have gathered several air boxes for Suzuki and Honda and kawasaki none would fit so I took the filter insert outta one and mounted it inside a small gas jug it will run now but bogs down at half throttle I've rebuilt carb new throttle and choke cable new electrical system it's would either idle good are run good before but never both at the same time thanks for answering
  4. on my Suzuki atv does not having the right breather box effect performance drastically
  5. I broke the axle in my Honda foreman 4×4 when I went to change the axle so.done had weld it before and don't know how to git the gear off seems the axle should slide out of the gear not this one how do I remove the gear from broke axle

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