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Suzuki breather box effect performance?


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  • Admin changed the title to Suzuki breather box effect performance?

Yes 100 percent it will.  What do you have in place now? The air box and filter are designed to somewhat balance the air intake so having it off will change the amount of air flow coming into the carburetor and the fuel air mixture as well as allow dirt to get into and possibly hurt the carburetor. 

There are replacement aftermarket air filters that clamp on that can help you out if you can’t get the right air box.   Check amazon and even eBay for the exact one for your bike.  

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I have gathered several air boxes for Suzuki and Honda and kawasaki none would fit  so I took the filter insert outta one and mounted it inside a small gas jug it will run now but bogs down at half throttle  I've rebuilt carb new throttle and choke cable  new electrical system it's would either idle good are run good before but never both at the same time thanks for answering 

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I would look into a universal one. I attached a few pics for you.  They are on amazon. I’ve used on on my 90 cc Polaris and it worked great. 

As far as rebuilding the carb I’m going to ask the same old questions I ask everyone else including myself; did you miss anything while cleaning? I have done it myself. Also after cleaning a carburetor it got jammed up again because something in the tank got back in because I didn’t put a fuel filter in. 

Also the air fuel mixture screw.  What position did you set it in when you rebuilt it? 1-1/4 turns out ?  2-1/2 turns out?  from a snug tight position. Some bikes and carbs are different so maybe 2 turns or 1-3/4 turns.  It takes some testing. I like to turn the idle way down to where the bike almost stalls and set the fuel air screw to 2-1/2 turns and adjust it while the bike is running (air filter installed) and turn it in either direction until the motor revs up to its highest/best set point. Then adjust the idle accordingly.  

Bottom line the engine will have its highest rpm when adjusted properly and it’s a matter of lowering the idle at that point.  

If you don’t  get a change in the engine performance while turning the mixture screw then the screw is in need of replacement as it’s worn down.  





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It never hurts to double check one more time  these after market  breathers will do as good I'll git one    I've got a few different " projects " I snapped an axle in my 98 Honda forman 4×4 and when I took out the axle someone welded the gear to it solid I've got 6 motor 4 all different year models could the gear from one of them interchange  I also have a kawasaki and a Polaris  I pick them up at the local scrap yard  when that git em piled up to the side

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