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    Kurt Reiser

  2. Frank I’m not sure if it was you somebody asked for pictures of the carburetor I believe here they are
  3. Frank I was having problems signing in for some reason I’m very illiterate when it comes to these computers what I said was I don’t think it would be a carburetor problem both carburetors are doing the exact same thing. there is only one screw on the bottom of the carburetor I’m not quite sure if you asked that question it seems like it’s something very simple because the bike runs great as long as you don’t hook up anything to the back of the carburetor it’s bizarre There are no obstructions in the airbox there are no obstructions in any of the vacuum lines I will check the cam and check the valves check the plug have move the needle up-and-down one groove at a time.Sorry if I sound repetitive I’m just getting so frustrated
  4. I just got called into work I will load pictures tomorrow when I go back to my garage thanks a lot guys
  5. Frank there is a vacuum line coming from the oil reservoir going to the airbox then the two vacuum lines that go onto the carburetor they are all clear. Which direction but I want to go with the needle up or down
  6. I’m at the end I have no idea what to try now i’ve tried adjusting carburetor while it’s running it runs great with the airbox totally disconnected the second I hook up the tube that goes on the back of the carburetor it bogs and backfires I have no idea starving for air but why
  7. Everyone I talk to says the same thing as you and I it doesn’t make sense it runs without the air box hooked up but that’s definitely the symptom I know nothing about bikes been rebuilding cars my whole life this is definitely something that is different I read a blog from a guy that said he jumped his because he couldn’t figure it out it will drive me crazy if I don’t figure it out not saying you’re wrong but I have a hard time believing it’s A carburetor problem I would think the aftermarket one would at least not have the same symptoms I’m going to try to adjust it again Frank appreciate everything you’ve done for me I’ll let you know what I find if I ever do
  8. Jacob I am in Pittsburgh I’m not quite sure what the altitude is
  9. Frank I really appreciate all the help I will try that when I get back home I bought a carburetor off eBay brand new aftermarket how are they? I put it on several times it kept doing the same thing should I go back to that carburetor and try to adjust it? I was reading on this forum it could be the Cam it could be valves I’ve checked all that stuff though i’m assuming I just dissed just like I would a car is that correct
  10. Frank I did not have a screwdriver small enough I had to take it off each time and turn it out I was going to make a small screwdriver but it got late I’ll try that today
  11. Yes I found the screw it was 3/4 of it turn out I want to 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 still doing the same thing I did check the manifold
  12. I do understand what you’re telling me but I don’t see any screws on this original Polaris carburetor I also put a second carburetor on this that I bought off of eBay it is doing the same thing yes I do have a backfire only when the air boxes on I do not have a backfire when I disconnect the tube that goes to the airbox
  13. No luck did not work still doing the same thing the carburetor was rebuilt by Polaris I bought a new one off eBay neither one works Not quite sure what to do now other than run it without a airbox

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