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  1. So i was workin on the quad for alittle while today and i guess i didnt tighten the bolt on the battery bracket to the bottom of the aftermarket box and i wasnt getting a good ground it was fine until two days ago but i guess it got loose from riding. Just put lock tight on it and its running strong. Thank you for all the help
  2. If i hook up the cables to the battery and hit the button it doesnt work. Every since two nights ago when my freind hooked up jumpers to the wrong terminals. If teh cables are hooked to the battery and i hit the button i get nothing at all the lights dont even work.
  3. no the positve was hooked up to the negative and the negative to the positve and the fuses are checked there not blown. Im not sure about the round this its right above my battery i have the aluminum performance airbox there both in there and its a small round thing that has a postive lead that goes right down to the battery maybe the ignition coil not sure.
  4. HI, I have a 2000 honda EX and my quad has no juice. IT will start if i hook up a charger but not even to the battery im not sure what its called my postive connection leads to it. Its round and has another wire going into it maybe the ignition not to sure. The battery is a month old my freind hooked up the postive to negative and negative to positive the other day will that kill anything. Thats when the problem started. Ive also been riding it in the snow that day before he was an idiot and did that. It will also start if i roll it down the hill and dump the cluth. Please help me i am so lost on this. Thank you

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