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  1. I do appreciate all of the comments. I finally had the intake and exhaust valve adjustments tested and the intake valve was was way out of tolerance and after that was corrected and a little tweaking of the carburetor the ATV runs super now. The technician told me that the intake valve (which had never been adjusted - 5270 miles) was the primary problem. Thanks again to all.
  2. Started my 2006 Yamaha Kodiak 450 up recently (March 2019) and it didn't seem to idle good; the idle was erratic. I turned off the fuel and the engine eventually speeded up to where the Revere red light started flashing before it ran out of fuel. I changed the spark plug and no change. Bought a new carb and installed and still not change. Starts good and runs great when driving but the idle sometimes doesn't come down to where I can shift and other times it goes so slow that it stops running. I have stabilizer in the fuel and have started several time in the winter to keep the battery charge without problem but now that has changed. I have 5700 miles on it but have maintained it good and it has been kept in the garage since I bought it new. I have really loved this atv. Any ideas on what the problem could be? I'm about ready to take it to the dealer for troubleshooting but at a $110/hour I'm trying to solve the problem myself. Thanks for any help or experiences any of you have. Errol

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