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  2. When doing your valves you put it to top dead center then do your valve clearance correct? That's how I seen it done in the vedio on YouTube lol Your awesome thanks so much man I do everything myself usually I rebuilt the whole engine but this damn carb has been hell
  3. Oh okay...thanks for that and air to fuel is set at 2 5/8
  4. So it idles very well but has no top end bought another carb kit did that new diaghram for my fuel pump no more excessive fuel but now have no top end my one top valve is ticking I did the valves at .003 intake and .007 is that correct for the 92 suzuki king quad 300
  5. It turns over runs well only when choke is on but does not idle I think it's time for a new carb and get my valves looked at as I think they are off as well
  6. Yeah I got it done professionally and no it ran but not good I played with the valves tonight got it to run a bit but wouldn't idle I'm thinking it has to do with my valves so I'm going to get them done professionally done and go from there
  7. I have a 92 suzuki king quad that seems to be getting way to much fuel in my spark plug hole as I took out plug cranked it over and covered myself in fuel I cleaned carb and fuel filter and fuel pump all seems fine any other ideas

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