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  2. Have an 02 big bear 400 with play in the steering, which is irritating when driven down the road. The bars slop a bit left and right when going straight. Is it something that just needs tightening up? Steering was like that when I got it. I have other issues with this wheeler to fix first, but I thought id see if this was a quick fix. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  3. Great, sounds like a plan. Thanks for the help. So when you coming over to help me with this....jk. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Thanks for the images and the fast reply back. Yes it was ran out of oil. I was going across a wood slashing and the oil hose that runs Into the oil radiator pulled off, drained all oil out before I knew. First it stalled out on me then restarted after a few cranks. Drove about 100 yards stalled out again smoking. Every time tried to turn over smoke would bellow out of Carb filter and no start. Grabbed other vehicle and towed it home. Then realizing that it wouldn't turn over, I did the oil in the cylinder trick to free it. Bought the top end kit because figured the cylinder and rings were shot. I had hoped that's all I needed to fix.
  5. Oh, by the way it does turn over, and no noise is heard while starting. Just won't fire up. If that helps.
  6. Aw man, I just googled where the bearing is, and what it entails to get to it. I don't think I'm equipped to handle a job like that. I guess I better look for a repair shop. Is there any possibility that the bearing might be fine, and how could I tell without tearing it all apart? Thanks
  7. Ok, good to know. Top end parts already bought, and I am sure I can do the work, if its more or less nuts and bolts. But now the (main crank/bearing) I never would of thought of that, thanks. By chance would you have an image what this bearing looks like and part cost? Thanks
  8. I don't know about main bearing. I don't have a clue how to begin this project without a guide. Its air cooled. It ran out of oil and seized. Filled cylinder head with oil and let it soak, and eventually the piston freed. I don't have access to a honor so I bought a cylinder kit, came with new cylinder, piston, rings and gaskets. Now I don't know how to begin the project, where to start. That's why seeking manual.
  9. I have a 2002 yamaha bigbear 400 4x4 with a seized engine. I was able to free the piston with the old "fill cylinder with oil and let it soak" and it worked. So I bought a top cylinder rebuild kit , but now I have no idea the process to fix this . I need a service manual....

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