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  1. Sometimes get puff of smoke out of carb when clicking starter. Some times eng kicks back when trying to start. timing is about 9 degrees at idle. Book says 8
  2. no change as motor warms up. What would I look for if cam or lifters were bad. Going to try different carb but think I am spinning my wheels.
  3. Have that spark tester. New plugs, old ones looked ok. Made no difference. Gave you cranking voltages of charge and pickup coils in first post. Went thru carb with fine tooth comb. Polaris updated that ign system in 2004 or 05. Timing is on speck. Had flywheel off to check for damage, (loose magnets, Burnt coils) looks good. At a loss
  4. Switch is not problem. What do you know about cdi box with built in coils?
  5. don't think rev limiter is in handlebars. That would be throttle safety switch. I umpluged black wire to handlebars eliminating all switches up there
  6. Working on 2002 700 sportsman in shop. Engine has no power. Pops and backfires at 1/2 throttle and above. Carb is clean. Good fuel flow. Checked stator output with DVA. 19v on charge coil. 6v on pulser. Would like to know if this is cdi related.

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