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  1. oh, and the outlaws are awesome, kinda rough on pavement, but i dont spend a lot of time there anyways!
  2. so far just the wheels, snorkel, and pipe. im savin up for the swamp series HMF, and a power commander. that will be my next purchase. I actually have an HMF on it right now that is too loud for my taste, I am trying to find someone who wants to trade it for a stock pipe. I got rid of mine like an idiot when I got the HMF.
  3. I have a 2007 king quad. . . it is fuel injected. I had it snorkeled this week by a guy who does it for a lot of guys locally, he has a good reputation so I looked at some of his work and decided to do it. I had it in the mud as you can see from my profile pic and I am happy with the work he did for me. I mainly just wanted to get a good understanding of how it works that way I will know if something breaks, or how to do the riding when the mud gets thick or deep.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate all of the answers, this will really help me out a lot. when my exhaust would go under water before I would just stay on the gas for fear that if i let off it would stall out the motor and get water into my engine. Wasn't sure how the snorkel worked, and couldnt find snorkels for dummies anywhere on the internet.
  5. I have been riding ATV's for years, but mostly for hunting and general utility and stuff like that . Last summer I went on a mudride at one of these places that holds these all weekend things, and I am hooked! I want to be more informed on how things work, and just learn in general the dos and donts of mudding. some of these may sound a bit silly, but here goes: 1. How does a snorkel work? 2. If I stall with my pipe underwater, is that going to kill my ATV? 3. Will it stall if the pipe is underwater with a snorkel? Any information is greatly appreciated. . . . I am crazy about this, but even more crazy about making sure I dont have to fix my quad when I could have prevented it.
  6. I am looking for a stock pipe for my 2007 king quad 700. I have an HMF performance pipe that I will trade straight up for the pipe. If I did this right, there should be some pictures of it below. Anyone interested please email me at [email protected], or reply to this post. 104_1462.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 104_1463.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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