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  1. I have a voltmeter. All wires had power but the blue and white one coming out of the stator. Im to get a new stator coming in the mail today. I dont know what else it could be.
  2. Its a 2007 xtreme typhoon Model number is f125-2 . Its 125cc
  3. Im having trouble with getting my atv running again. I thought it was spark plug which it turned out not being, i thought it was pickup coil and it wasnt. Im getting any spark at all and i dont know what it could be. Please someone help me. I want to ride it this summer and its looking like i wont be. It ment to say im not getting any spark all. At all sorry phone issue
  4. i just found out that its the pickup coil. Do u know of any way to fix one? Like make it closer so the magnet can send the pulse to the cdi box.
  5. yes that be it. Thanks so much. Do u know where i could find a service manual for it.
  6. Hey there. I have a problem with finding the rite sparkplug for my 2007 xtreme typhoon 125cc. No one or place has been able to find the right spark plug for it. Im hoping someone here may have an idea or can point me in the right direction of where to find one. The old one said ac 108 and one guy at an auto parts store said it was a 10mm spark plug. Dont know if that was rite or not. Also if anyone knows of a website i can download the manual for it, that would be very helpful as well.

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