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  1. UPDATE: i working on replacing the carb, and changing the oil, as from it sitting the oil level is very diluted by gasoline. other sources say that all of my problems are most likely the carb being toast, as the problem wasnt sudden, it gradually had gotten worse the more it was used. will keep posted.
  2. Keep an eye for bogging or rough idling or bogging. Fuel system has a tendency to have problems, so look at the the vacuum lines.
  3. UPDATE: after more digging I found these possible sources for my problems: it could be a timing chain or a stuck valve causing the problem. It could also be the carbs float needing to be replaced, or a vacuum line getting fuel from a failed diaphragm (forget the name). Will keep you posted for updates Attached video of me starting it in jan/feb V_20190308_151716_N2.mp4
  4. I recently cleaned it, but didn't replace any parts. Again I don't know if the previous owner did, as I'm unfamiliar with this carb and engine. The oil doesn't look too high, but It could be mixed with gas, I will check
  5. I've had this machine for 2ish years, has ran great up until winter. Sometime during then, I managed to break the exhaust right before the muffler. The summer before it had a hard time idling, but we fixed it by cleaning the carb, and messing with idle. Near the end of last year, the only way for it to fire was the have full choke, and full throttle, and the engine bogged down and you had to keep on throttle for 25mins. Over winter, the throttle had dislocated, and I got it back in place. We got it running, and all was good. Spring came along, and now it doesn't start at all. A fluid is coming out of the exhaust, and I'm told it could be water from over winter. I checked the airbox, and the air filter isn't for this quad, it also is barely sucking air. There appears to be little to no compression, based on this. I'm pretty sure the engine is flooded, as the spark plug produces a spark, but is oxidized. I don't know how the previous owner treated it, or when it's last oil change was. A bolt on the engine has either oil or gas seeping through it,abd was loose. I tightened it and it consisted. The engine is basically positioned in the rear, and it needs a good clean, I don't have a pressure washer, so I can get the built on dirt off. any recommendations on how to get the beast started again?

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