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  1. The front end was towed in 1 3/4 inches and had always had a handling problem. It took out the right wheel bearing and I had noticed the tires wearing weirdly and had ordered new ones. I found the tow in when I replaced the bearing and went back to the manual to get the proper adjustment and it said TOW OUT about that much. It just didn't sound right and I didn't want to ruin the new tires. So I will set it up at about 1/4 inch tow in like my Kodiak is and see how it goes. Bill
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, it is supposed to be suspended. My thoughts are to set it up like the Kodiak. But, I was wondering if anyone had run into this before in the factory manual....... Bill
  3. I have an issue with toe in/tow out on my Foreman S. The manual says 3/4 to 1 3/4 inch Tow Out, this seems wrong and it has caused my front tires to wear as if they rubber is being torn off them, (which it is). My Kodiak 450 manual has a Tow In of 0-.39 inches which seems more reasonable. What should the Front In tow be set at???? Bill
  4. I have an '04 Kodiak and an '03 Foreman S. The manual for the Kodiak shows 0-.39 inch tow in, the Foreman manual shows a 3/4 - 1 1/2 inch tow out. I have noticed my tires wear like they are being torn. I have just put new tires on the front and would like to get this correct to get the longest life out of my tires while getting the best handling. It seems to me that the settings for the Kodiak and about what should be for the Foreman S to get the best wear and handling. I suspect the Foreman service manual is incorrect. Any help would be appreciated. Bill

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