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  1. Maybe but I don’t think so. It sounds like it’s coming from the middle of the quad. It sounds almost as if like a chain popped off a bicycle when you’re writing it. It sounds like something is disengaging and then re-engaging and when disengages it sounds like something is spinning like something came off a gear or something but then it re-engages and catches it self and starts going again it’s weird
  2. Doesnt seem to make the sound all the time. Mostly does it under load or going up an incline. Its kind of like a clunk and or grinding noise, Kind of hard to decipher. Today while going up an incline it actually stopped and it sounds like something spinning and then it ingauged again and it would move. I checked the clutches and installed a new belt before it did that also. Rear drive shaft seems ok where U joint is too. Has all new rear CV shafts and bearings and al new bushings in rear arms. Also flushed out the rear Diff with no shavings. Any ideas or where to check.

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