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  1. Yup, no luck. I figured out how everything goes back together except the spring that acts on the lever itself. I'll figure it out I guess!
  2. Yes, it's a 2008. If anyone would be willing to take a pic of their setup it would help, I just need to see how the tail of the plastic lever interacts with the choke butterfly actuator itself. A shot if the carb from the left side should do it! Thx!
  3. Pretty sure it's an 08? I'll have to look this weekend! And I looked at their drawings, it's not shown on there! Even a pic if someone has one would help!
  4. Hey, working on my gf's lil dvx250 which needed the carb cleaned. Like an idiot I removed the bracket that holds the choke lever on and the spring that was behind it that I hadn't seen popped off. Anyone have a clue how it goes back on? The manual pics dont show it and I had no luck on YouTube! Thanks!

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