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  1. Thanks for the response. After spending some time studying the wiring diagram, I realized that I had missed one of the first things I should have checked. The pair of fuses coming of from the battery. Both fuses were good, but one of the connector wires had broken away from the fuse. I used a jumper wire from the battery side of the fuse to the broken wire and the neutral light came on and it fired right up. Now to find the wire to fuse connector to repair the broken one. Thanks again.
  2. Hi guys. First post, hope you can help. As above 1991 Honda fourtrax. Starting, running fine until a few weeks ago. Used primarily to put my ski boat in the garage (put 2" ball on front). Any way, had just backed boat into garage, turned off to crank trailer wheel down, when I went to restart got nothing. No neutral light, no headlights, no reverse light, would not turn over when start button pushed. It would crank and run when I jumped the contacts on the start relay. While running the neutral light will come on, although it is dim and flickers. Reverse light on when running and in reverse. What I have done to this point: 1. Used jumper cable to ground battery (-) terminal to engine block thinking ground wire from battery to engine may be bad. No neutral light, no start. 2. Applied 12 volts to start relay. Got a loud click like it was making contact. I didn't have the battery/starter cables connected to the relay, but I am assuming it would have cranked at that time. 3. Disconnected neutral switch wire. Grounded neutral switch wire with jumper wire. No neutral light, no electric start. At this point I am thinking ignition switch vs broken wire in the harness going to the neutral switch (due to dimness and flickering when running). Any and all suggestions to help track down this issue are appreciated. Thanks

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