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  2. Does it make sense that a coolant (liquid) sensor for an auto could be what's being used to measure engine block (air) temperature on this unit? I might take a chance on something that looks correct (apart from the exact plastic connector style), if no harm would be done trying. I'd check to make sure the room temperature resistance was per spec to the service manual info (OEM part info). Can't do much beyond that, unfortunately, since I've not found further data.
  3. Hi All, I need to replace a sensor on my son's Polaris Sportsman 110. It physically broke somehow. It's Polaris p/n 0455053 , the best I can tell. It's about a $140 part from Polaris. I'm hoping there may be an auto industry equivalent. Most of those are around $15 haha. Thanks! Bill
  4. Thanks! Got a lot of troubleshootin' to do. Looks like a great group and will probably be asking for advice soon.
  5. Hi all, Just joined up with premium membership. I wish to download a service manual or 2 (specifically the Polaris 110 EFI manual). I paid for the membership, but when I try to download it says it's not available to me. I know I haven't posted anything until now, but I thought the premium membership gave instant access to downloads. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! Bill

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