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  1. I was riding my 400ex one day and when i shut it off to put it in the garage i tried to start it put again to drive it into the garge and it wouldnt start.I put a compression tester on it and its like 30 psi with out throttle and 0 psi WITH THROTTLE. when i put my finger over the hole it fell likes its pulling my finger in more then its pushing it out Has good spark.When i took it into the shop the said it had 1oz of oil in it and a tiny pit of metal shaving(TINY BIT LIKE 30 flakes) When i try to pull start (push start/roll start) it made a not normal sound and wouldnt stay running. If my bottom end is blow why would it still turn over fine, Are my valves siezed or not working properly or is my timing off causeing valves to not open in correct order with fire PLEASE HELP all help is appreciated

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