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  1. Is the Speedo the same way or is it a cable? Cause be nice to have that working too. Also do I use the demand drive or angle drive for the front hubs. I've found conflicting information on this. Thanks
  2. Got the fan to come on. Helps if the wires are connected. Had a break in the wire. Also checked and topped off coolant. So far no hot light. Next issue to address is no AWD. Push button no light or anything. Speedo lights up but needle doesn't move. I read that on the newer quads you can bypass the Speedo to get the AWD to work. Does that apply to my 1994? Thanks again for the help. New electric starts has it firing right up! 26679.mp4
  3. A few things today. Fan is not spinning. Will have to jump the wires. To find out more. To dark to mess with it today. I did notice that while trying to put it into gear it would grind pretty bad then fall in. What should I be looking for here? I'm assuming it will be high idle but what else should I be checking? Thanks again. Hopefully I'll get this thing running good before snow falls as I bought it to plow a few sidewalks.
  4. Thanks @Frank Angerano! I will get to checking tomorrow once I'm off from work and report back.
  5. Bought this quad a couple days ago. Got it home and couldn't get it started. Got my new starter and recoil on. Starts up great. Took it for a quick spin hot light came on. Guess my question is there a way to test the sensor? If sensor is good what would be next step? Any other common checks I should do before throwing new parts at it? Thanks.
  6. Yes it is! Did I have the correct part number?
  7. Thanks! I was able to find one last night. Part number I found was 3084780. I hope this is correct as i just got confirmation of shipping this morning. Found it used for $50.
  8. It's a 400L has a model number of W948140. Outside of that I can't help much. This is my first ATV and just got it yesterday. I have a few more questions. It started and ran fine yesterday and this morning. Now when I push the start button the solenoid clicks. Battery is good as I swap it and had same no start click. Can a ground cause this? Maybe starter crapped out. I don't know that's why I came here! Thanks again.
  9. Hello, I recently bought a 1994 400l 4*4 Polaris w948140. The recoil case is broken with a nice chunk missing from the side. I am having trouble finding a new case. Does anyone know where or how I can source this? Thanks in advance.

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