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  1. Alright SO. Ended up finding out the code and it was 42. Which was crank shaft sensor. Hours of googling, and it was actually started solenoid relay. Got everything installed and now quad is turning over strong! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t start. And now it’s not throwing a code. It just illuminates the check engine light the whole time I’m trying to start it. Then the light goes off when I release and just have a neutral light on. I imagine whatever the problem is, has to do with it sitting for a long time not being ran. But not positive. Any help is appreciated
  2. Ok so, after googling I see how there is engine codes. However, I don’t see how to correlate blinks to what code. My check engine light will blink: one long blink, pause, 2 short blinks. Then repeat.
  3. Hey fellas. So I have a 2012 yfz450r. I work on the road for a living and went to a job and let a friend of mine borrow my wheeler while I was gone. Well, we know how that all turns out. I come home and it’s not running. Swears up and down he just went out to start it one day and wouldn’t start. Well, I start fooling with it and figure out the fuel pump is bad. I replaced the pump a couple days ago and brand new battery. When I go to start it, the engine light blinks every time I hit the start button. So, I decided to try and pull start it. It’ll turn over strong and half-ass run until I pull in the clutch and dies. Then the fuel light came on. I can hear the pump turning on and doing it’s job. Now, when I turn on the key the fuel light stays on, and same deal with engine light blinking every time I hit the start button. Can anyone help me out at all? This has been a NIGHTMARE. Super appreciative for any help. Thanks.
  4. What’s up fellas new to the site where should I post my question. I’m having issues with my 2012 yfz450r quad having ZERO power. Screen won’t even come on
  5. I have a 2012 yfz450r. I loaned it out to a friend now it won't start. He ruined the battery..I topped all the fluids off and try to jump it and it shows the fuel light on yet I filled the tank 3/4 full. I'm wondering if that fuel light is indicating maybe a duel problem possibly a pump or? It turns over strong and I took it apart and can't ever hear the fuel pump kick on...any ideas fellas? I sure appreciate it!

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