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  1. H-M is great, I agree...and you are right they do have 400 miles (cumulative)of trails, to our 100. but they are comprised of many different trailheads that are completely seperate from the others, and require trailering from system to system if you want to ride it all. Some of those towns are 1.5 hrs apart, so it's not like you can unload and ride all 400 miles from the same trailhead. You are comparing apples to oranges. Burning Rock has just as many trails as any one trailhead in the H-M system, but we are much more accessible. We are located 6 miles from Beckley (pop 50000), at the intersection of I77 and I64. Don't know how you missed the lodging and food either. We have 1400 hotel rooms and 100 restaurants anywhere from 8-20 minutes of the trailhead, plus a campground, general store, and clean showers. Food delivery available as well. Walmart 5 minutes away. I'm not attempting to advertise, just a friendly attempt to offer a different side to this gentleman's point of view. Defense mode I suppose.
  2. I don't quite understand how any true atv enthusiast would call for a boycott of an organization like Burning Rock. Let's face it, riding areas are going away in this country. Here in WV, we are working hard to acquire more and more land for your enjoyment, and to help boost our economy along the way. I'm the assistant director at BR, and I can promise you that we are working very hard to ensure you will always have a world-class place to ride. We are enthusiasts like you, wanting to create the best situation possible for everyone involved...the landowner, the park, the county commission, the local citizens, the guests, etc. This way, we all have a killer trail system to ride for years to come, and everyone benefits. We are the best advocates you have in terms of land acquisition and preserving your right to ride it. Burning Rock does receive trail grants from the Federal Highway Administration, and they help defray some of the expense. However the grants do not eliminate the need for cash flow, and our permit sales are our main source of revenue. We do offer our residents a discounted permit, just like your state offers discounted hunting and fishing licenses to VA residents. There's no difference is there? We use the best (and most expensive)mapping software available, we have great trailhead facilities (newly constructed and clean), and tent/rv camping (hookups) AT THE 75 ACRE TRAILHEAD. Those are heavy expenses. Our trails are growing and getting better daily, spanning approx 8000 acres. We purchased lots of equipment to make this happen and to do it right the first time. There has been a lot of money spent to construct, map, maintain, and improve our offerings...the grants simply can't sustain us. its ironic that people will spend 10k on a bike and gear and think 75 dollars is too much money for a year's worth of riding 8000 acres....all mapped and marked. 75 bucks for 365 days of white knuckle fun is DIRT CHEAP my friend. It costs that much for a couple good steak dinners these days. Keep ridin and be safe!

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