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  1. Thanks !! And I Checked the carb it was intact the air just blew through the bottom rubber gasket and was leaking fuel. took the time to change the oil and put in a new filter starter won’t fire (still waiting on delivery)
  2. That was the first thing I tried then check the fuses, tested battery, tested solenoid, everything was running fine before the air chuck
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  4. I pull started with the plug out and no more fuel comes out but when I get the new starter in a few days I’ll update thanks for the help
  5. I have an older 1980s Suzuki quadrunner red lt 4wd (250) so just finished putting it all back together and was running fine just needed to adjust the rebuilt carb bf decides to hook up an air chuck to the gas tank because it got a shot of air in the gas line well 120psi didn’t agree with any of the parts including the new carb end result : new battery new carb now it just clicks (one single click) won’t turn over hard to pull start gets hung up (unless I remove the spark plug ) gas flooded out the first time but now does nothing purchases a new starter waiting the arrival

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