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  1. All sorted.... thx guys... once I got the part it was an easy install !.. Guy IMG_6050.MOV
  2. As an fyi, neighbor came up and tried to crank with a clean battery and same issue so I pulled the starter... here’s a couple of pics... suffice to say I have ordered a replacement from amazon and will sort after xmas... thanks again for your assistance.. wanted to give you an update... Thanks again Guy
  3. Have a neighbor coming down tomorrow with a larger battery and seeing how the starter performs in the meantime.. will also indicate if the starter is shagged.. thanks again for your help.. have bought a bunch of stuff but holding off on the starter !
  4. No changes t all, hardly used, just for transporting trash cans up and down a private road so no dirt or swamp or water etc etc... the batter on load showed an issue but the shop were pissy on changing it under warranty (<12 months) so they wanted to keep it at the sho- and run tests.. suspect that was code for ‘we will inconvenience you and see if you just fold and buy a new battery !). would you still change the starter as well or wait for the verdict on the battery ?
  5. Took my battery down, draw is an issue, they re keeping it for a day or so to run tests.. meantime, sparkplug coming and will tidy up while I have it in bits.. not sure any of this will solve it but figure I need to do the basics anyhow
  6. It seems to crank free’er when the plug was removed ?.. what does that tell you ?
  7. Ok, will charge the battery tonight, find the plug (give me a hint 🙂 ) pull it tomorrow and see the result.. starter is 50 bucks on mama on so tempted to shortcut once that happens and just replace it.. assume the previous test points to starter and therefore the relay is ok or st lest not the only issue !
  8. If it was doing the same on the previous battery and I bought a new one foolishly thinking it’s the battery and now doing it in the current one, I was/am assuming it’s something else (I will check but).. what is the expectation on the crank with a spark plug disconnected ?
  9. Ok frank and ajmboy... I just tried a direct wire across the relay nuts and got spark and no crank ... So does this mean a knackered relay or a knackered starter ? - I checked the 2 fuses and they seem fine btw... also wires up top (haven’t pulled the side off... see all tight ? pic of what I jumped across, bloody thing was trying to spot weld my wire as you can see from the scorch marks ! thanks in advance for the help !
  10. Thanks to both of you.. I had the issue on an older battery and changed it.. if I fully charge the battery is has a chance to turn over.. however, most times I have to boost it to turn it over... I assume it’s a simple fix but am not a bike guy and don’t want to go changing things and hope.. will investigate based on the above and see what I turn up in the next couple of days.. thanks for the response
  11. I have a 2016 Yamaha Kodiak and find myself with a start issue.. I changed the battery so it’s not that.. here’s a video of me trying and then boost starting.. can anyone give me pointers as to a starter motor issue or fuse or wiring or whatever ?.. I find myself without a vehicle with a tow hitch for the 1st time in years so have a dead and stranded ATV to fix ! thanks in advance, suggestions welcome Guy IMG_5952.mp4

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