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  1. Anyone know if the Cv boots for the front are the same as the back? looking to grab some aftermarket ones
  2. Sadly its missing the oil pan for the bottom of the engine So you can see the cam thinking either get a replacement or make one outta thicker sheet metal and a ball peen and use permatex gasket and some bolts
  3. Yeah i ended up going that route, Also got in this lil one 2 days ago for free someone was gonna throw it in the dump
  4. Yeah its been a bit of a shit show found a bent tie rod couple others and had to straighten them out asmuch as possible with hydraulics especially the bottom u had a nice bend in it. So did the skid plate. Both the brake calipers were seized and had to do some surgery and they were just filled one side i got fixed the other needs to be replaced. Im now working a bit on the exhaust system and tryna get everything back to shiny for when i install a hunting/performance muffler
  5. Getting some more work done on this silly monster now that its warmer out Finished the rear u joints already and got the whole rear drive back together and running multiple parts were seized and some serious gunk build up in the break reservoir
  6. I can only get the ethanol free in bulk at a farm supply store, only other place that sells is like a couple shops in small bottles for weed wackers n shit like that
  7. I ussually only ran 91 in my dirt bikes worth running in this machine or nah? i mean i even ran 94 when we had it but thats long since gone
  8. Damn thats a great buy i got stuck with a tiny suzuki quadrunner 250 up near windsor area for 1000 i mean either way im happy with it for my first quad. I was looking for so long and just said fuck it and dove head in on one. Atleast its not something i'll kill my self on solid sturdy machine that could take a beating if it had to
  9. Well shit alright will unhook the line and drain it than flush it with some diesel and than old gas and refill with new gas, OR will the diesel hurt the tank even if its flushed? should i use kerosene instead? I've always used diesel to clean up my shit because of the high ignition threshold worse it'll do is pass it into the oil or spit it into the exhaust
  10. Honestly havent even refilled the gas since i got it was given to me with a full tank so i just added the motor treatment to it which said it'd raise the octane of the gas Plus add some special chemical thats ment to clean off carbon. Why would it come from the clutch? i didnt even have it in gear its sitting on stands idling just spitting smoke, Just from my limited knowledge the gas in the oil + the smoke = worn head gasket+ worn piston rings, Unless i have a full on warp of the head from someone overheating it will check the flatness of the surface when i get it off
  11. Im getting really worried as im getting it more and more tuned in im getting this kinda ringing sound, i mean i checked if its preignition doesnt seem to be, Its not like scraping metal but like a light ting that speeds up as i rev it up and eventually goes away Tried both a hotter and cooler spark plug sounds about the same, Was gonna see if i need to adjust the ignition timing for if the chain is bad. OR if unluckily its even worse and piston rings are worn and no good or the block it is scored, Im just hoping its not those last things
  12. Havent checked the tank yet waiting to run more of the motor treatment through first. Now that I added this motor treatment its burning away all the carbon it smells like. Will run fine for a second and than spit white smoke like crazy on reving, Once i really start giving it just starts puffing white smoke out the back but i stuck the borescope back in and it seems to be cleaning the carbon up went from wet oil soot to cleaner pistons where i can start to see the piston is self again. It doesnt smell rich so i think i got the carb tuned in right but the engine is just blowing smoke at the mom
  13. Alright well i got the carb cleaned and a bunch of other stuff done doesnt seem to be running as rich, but now i think its running lean i keep hearing a pinging for about 3 minutes during start up. scared to run it in place for a long time because it seems to be getting pretty hot and not sure if its getting to the point of it being dangerous I ended up taking the whole carb off taking the float and the diaphragm and cleaning with fresh gas. Also ran a bunch through the whole carb body it self bunch of black sludge came out. Im installing a fuel line filter now, seems it doesnt have one i
  14. I'm gonna go to the local hardware store and see if they have any that match up to this pitch and diameter in the same length for cheaper and just the ones i need https://specbolt.com/technical-faq/ I was looking everywhere for those numbers and specbolt just throws em at you if not theres a couple places local that make bolts that i can probably order a shipment of the ones i need from, I just dont feel like using my tap and die set on every goddamn screw/bolt to resize it to commonly available threads

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