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  2. Hatfield-McCoy Trail and Burning Rock are great places to ride with hundreds of miles of trails all over southern WV. Home
  3. Burning Rock is a great family ride and a cool place to spend the weekend with buddies.It has 8000 acres of trails that take you through abandoned abandoned coal mine sites and coal camps of the Winding Gulf Coalfields.There's plenty to do close by like horseback riding,rafting,and guided fishing trips to name a few.Lots of restaurants from 10-20 minutes away,plus gas,Wal-Mart,and atv dealers.Camping at the trailhead or local trailhouses are the most convenient way to go.They have one day and 3-7 day passes available too. http://http://4-wheel-inntrailhouse.parks.officelive.com/default.aspx Trailhouse

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