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  2. Yeah my brother has a book but he can't find it, I am gonna give him another week and then purchase another one if I need to. Scott; we think we got a miss match. the date on the frame is 11/85 so I think that would mean an 86 produced in late 85 but not certain. also I don't think the 86 had a powervalve and this one does so I think the motor may be an 87 but once again I am not sure. let me know if there is anymore info you may need and keep the info coming its appreciated
  3. My brother and I recently purchased an old 250r, with the intent of rebuilding it. We need a wiring diagram, would anyone know if there is one posted online, or would anyone have a copy they could scan and email to me? I am going to try to post some pictures of it when I get time, any ideas, questions, comments or concerns would be a big help.

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