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  1. I did find the problem or i think i have and will explain what i done. I pulled the gas tank cleaned it and cut the little filters off the end of the two hoses and installed an inline filter. I then found the parts that I had taken out of the carburetor when i thought I rebuilt it and put them all back in the carburetor and by luck i still had them in a little plastic box. Put the carburetor back on pulled out the choke and in about 30 seconds it started and run great. It idles now and starts easy does not spit and sputter but still not going to put the fenders back on until i know for sure. I had called the guy at www.pjmotorsports.com and talked with him for about 15 minutes and he gave me some good advice
  2. yes have found that when i bought a kit to rebuild the carburetor it was not the right parts. the person sold me some parts and it was just a variety. there is no rebuild kit for that carburetor so removed a lot of the parts and put the old ones back in and now it is getting better. I am also going to remove the tank filters and use an inline filter.
  3. I have this 1986 LT230GE that will not start without a shot of starting fluid. I have set the valves rebuilt the carburetor and will start after using starting fluid after it has sat idle for two or three days. any sugestions

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