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  1. Hey guys, thank you for the info and some direction to run through. I really appreciate your time and advice. I will run through your check lists and will let you know what I come up with. Like I said before, it is going to be something stupid, I hope. By the way, I replaced all the electrical in the machine, even the cdi. I will have to check compression. It has 5000+ miles on it. Does the compression go bad at any particular mileage? Anyway, I will let you know what I find and again, thanks guys.
  2. The type of day doesn't seem to matter. That is what is weird. I even took it to a shop and they found a cracked intake, which they replaced, and I thought things were good. But a little bit later, it did the same thing. The funny thing is, I KNOW it is something stupid simple that is causing the problem I just can't seem to find it.
  3. Thats the weird part. Sometimes the quad runs great and other times it acts up. Could I have something in the tank restricting flow. I will give throttle and it barely has any power.
  4. I bought a new carb thinking it was the problem, wasn't. But I kept the original carb, and it looked great inside, so I just put the original carb back on. Whole electrical system has been replaced. I am just baffled. It seems like a fuel problem. But I can't seem to figure it out.
  5. Hey guys, figure you guys would have some helpful direction or answers. So, 05 Sportsman 700 carb, new carb, fuel pump, new plugs, new air filter, new everything I can think of that is usually the running issues. Starts up fine, seems to run fine, but if under load, two people, or even one person, up a hill, or pulling a drag chain for the driveway, it starts to cut out and sputters and loses all power, until I back off on the throttle and just barely try to let itself catch itself and then I can take off again. I am going crazy trying to figure this thing out. Other than that, the quad runs great. Parents bought bran new, just used around the property, 5000 miles on it. Any ideas???
  6. Okay guys. Got things figured out and wanted to share it with you so if you guys wanted to upgrade your rims on your quad, it is totally doable. So I had 2019 Polaris General tires and rims, I purchased new studs from partzilla, 2.99 each, I then punched them out, the old studs. I used a 17/32 drill bit for the new studs. I built a wooden jig that the hub sat in, and used two 2x4's to lock it in so it wouldn't spin with the drill press. I didn't have a press, so I used hardened washers, a stack of them, just enough to get a full nut's worth. I bought a new set of lug nuts, but for setting the studs, I bought two nuts. Half way through, I changed to the new nut. I used my impact and seated them right in. Threw the wheels and tires on and it looks awesome.
  7. So I received the new lug studs, M12-1.5, for the 2019 general wheels. Does anyone know off hand what proper drill size for seating the new lug studs?
  8. I have the complete set of tires and rims from the 2019 General. So, it does seem logical to change out the studs.
  9. The stud on the quad seems to be too small. It looks as if the studs need to be bigger so it fits better once the camferred lug nut centers it. It just doesn't look right and I have learned to trust your instincts. 😁
  10. I have a 05 sportsman 700 carb and I also have tires and rims from an 19 Polaris General. Bolt pattern is the same. Do I need to change out the studs to be bigger?

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