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  1. by the way any one know of any good atc salvage shops or good references to get parts other than ebay?????????????
  2. Good im not crazy and i can read. yes the big red 250es was a bull and very tough. But I like the more sporty feeling of the sx just can not kill either of thost things. The eariler non suspension atc's were very tough also but haveing a little bit of suspension is the only way to go if you are going to put any miles on normal trails without killing yourself. They were fine when i was about 17 but the back cant take much more than a few trips around the lawn these days.
  3. I am also new to this forum But did HONDA mark some 1987? I have a 1987 250 sx marked with the sticker in front of the tank on the fork mount. Just like the other ones i have had. kinda surprised me when i got it. Also a guy called me to buy an 86 350x i had for sale he told me he had a 1992 350x LOL asked him when the ban was 92 was a special order last year befor the ban LOL I WOULD HAVE TO SAY MY VOTE IS FOR THE 250 SX'S AT LEAST ITS MY FAVORITE AND I HAVE HAD ALMOST ALL OF EM OVER THE YEARS.

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